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Thumbtack Workshop

 | Tack It |

In a fast-paced world like ours, where the threshold of stimuli keeps rising, take a moment to pause and be present in a slow, meditative, creative, and gentle activity. The workshops are tailored for private groups, work teams, youth groups, or anyone who wants to take a break from the race and create in a non-conventional and surprising way.

A 3-hour workshop in which we will experience the contribution of gentle motor activity, delve into the crafting world, and conclude with creating unique art for yourselves.


Feeling trapped in a routine sometimes? Want to try something you've never experienced before? To rejuvenate and refresh your environment at home or work?

In a unique art workshop, I invite you to create, work with your hands, and allow your thoughts to take a break for a few hours.

Do you deserve it?


The workshop is suitable for private groups of up to 20 participants who want to dedicate quality time to themselves. For work teams seeking a team-building day, for anyone curious to benefit from therapeutic engagement and to discover the creative aspects hidden within.

The workshop is in a private studio in the Tel Aviv HaMerkazit neighborhood.

*Cost is 350 NIS per participant.

Light refreshments, cold and hot drinks are provided in the studio.

For larger company teams, arrangements can be made to host the workshop at the company offices.

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